Research Paper on Benjamin Bloom

The world we live in contains a large population, and people have different beliefs on how life came into existence and how things happen. Scientists have different ways of figuring out many and explaining how things occur in life. There are various ways that scientists derive their answers about life. Additional fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, math and different scientific work contain experts who explain their work uniquely. One of the most known scientists in biology was Benjamin Bloom. The most renowned physics scientist was Robert Einstein, and other fields contain various scientists who dedicated their lives to finding a solution to what humanity faces in life.

Benjamin Bloom is a known scientist who influenced and inspired the study of intelligence. Many students who pursue education major have encountered the word “Blooms’ Taxonomy.” He is a great inspiration who influenced and challenged the study and classification of plants. The scientist is the founder of Bloom Taxonomy. Benjamin Bloom contribution to education is tremendous. An adequately researched education paper explains more about the scientist and his achievements in the field of science that he became the most inspirational scientist of intelligence and excellent knowledge. Bloom was a hard worker who studied and established many educational facts and statistics to develop one of the best and desirable theories of taxonomy.

Our study on the man Benjamin Bloom helps us understand the intelligence that he possessed allowed him to classify educational objectives in the field of education majors. The study of the man Bloom helps us to understand the process by which he developed educational theories. He made significant contributions in the field of education. Benjamin Bloom was born in Pennsylvania in 1913. He did his bachelor’s degree at the Pennsylvania State University. He later joined the University of Chicago, where he did his PhD in education. Blooms became a professor and spent much time in the University teaching and later died in 1999.

Bloom’s mastery model in learning

Benjamin Bloom contributed to intelligence studies. The work of Benjamin Bloom included experiments that explained how man’s previous experiences influenced how they could learn. Whatever a person experiences at an early age in life affects their future ways of doing work. His work was admirable because it supported the controversy of nature versus nature that is found in psychology. Bloom invented the mastery model of learning. The instructional model primarily focuses on how students learn through structured events, including giving feedback and pre-tests about particular topics. Bloom’s mastery learning model is seen as a practical theory that is effective to students. Many people use the mastery technique to teach their students, who later excel in their studies.

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom made a significant impact in the field of taxonomy. He established several ways of classifying plants in terms of their structure. The taxonomical form of teaching helps learners organize their educational objectives to form three domains: The Psychomotor, cognitive, and Affective domains. The three parts were influenced by Bloom’s taxonomical way of classifying plants, and the method has been adopted in the education system and curriculum.

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